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CPU Maxer - Read Me first

This is a tool to make the system CPU top 100% utilization and test monitoring alerts. It is mainly intended to systems administrators doing operational readiness tests.
The application displays CPU information like manufacturer, number of sockets and number of CPUs per socket. It also displays CPU load which can be refreshed dynamically every five seconds. The CPU saturation engine supports up to 39 CPU threads, i.e. it is capable of saturating systems with up to 39 CPUs.
The biggest change in release v1.7 is that CPUMaxer now incorporates a quick (30 seconds) CPU performance test. Results allow for comparison of single CPU performance between different machines, physical or virtual.
To use it, simply run the exe file, select the number of threads to run and click on Apply button; to stop the threads simply select 0 as the number of threads and click on Apply.

Important: if you select a number of threads that is greater than the number of CPUs on the system, the application may freeze for up to several minutes until the threads are completely started.

System requirements:
The tools requires .NET 4.0 runtime to be installed on the target system.

It has been successfully tested in the following operating systems: Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, and Windows server 2012 R2 x64.

If you need the older 32 bit executable please download v1.5


Copyright (c) 2016 Antonio Royo Moraga.
This software is licensed under MIT license

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